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Beautiful House Design Company


If I like Elevation A but like the exterior finish on Elevation C can this be switched?
  • Answer: Yes, finishes can be switched or you can create the look you desire.


If I submit the plans to the building department and they require minor modifications can this be taken care of?
  • Answer: Yes, we can make minor plan check comment alterations. This would be reviewed prior to committing to the alterations.
We want to add a separate garage or barn that will match our house choice, can you provide this?
  • Answer: Yes, we can provide you a cost for the additional designs.
What if I submit plans to the Building Department and they require engineering?
  • Answer: You need to contact a local engineer company and forward them the DWG files provided, they can then engineer the plans and apply the necessary application for your area. This is an additional cost to your plans.
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