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Beautiful House Design Company


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The Beautiful House Design Company take great pride in their approach to designing the perfect house for you. The houses have open floor plans with amenities that create a style of living such as remote fourth & main bedrooms, linen closet that support bathrooms and bedrooms. Exteriors that take on a custom look that will fit into any neighborhood. The houses are also designed to be efficient in the build out phase and this can have a positive effect on the overall cost of construction.


We can work with you to make changes in the plans that meet your needs in many ways. If you want to alter the floor plan or make changes to the elevations such as combining roofs and material generated from the alternate elevation’s groups shown in the library. If you have a house of your own that you would like designed, we can provide that service to.


There is more to a great Floor Plan and Elevations. At Beautiful House Design Company, we go to great effort to guarantee the accuracy of our plans. This leads to a successful build out in the field and that make your house adventure go smoothly. Our designs include detailed truss roof systems, floor systems, locating pertinent items such as HVAC duct chases and plumbing walls. When you order a set of our plans you will receive a set of PDF print documents, you will also receive a set of DWG drawing files for the use to apply local codes and engineering requirements for your area.


Beautiful House Designs has 45 years of industry experience, offering customizable and affordable house floor plans to Northern California and California.  Our plans offer a range of customizable options including additional bedrooms, bathrooms and garage doors.  In addition of you want anything on the blueprint changes we are happy to make additional customizable changes, for a nominal fee.  Our floor plans are available in small homes from 1,400 square feet to 1 floor homes and 2 story homes and large homes over 2,500 square feet.  They offer 3 and 4 bedroom configurations, to accommodate all family sizes. 

Our plans will consider your area of California and ensure they meet the requirements for your jurisdiction, whether you are in Northern California, Southern California or anywhere in between.  Feel free to browse our designs, we’re sure you will find a floor plan you love, if not, we can customize the floor plan to meet your requirements.

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